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Aug 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. all were feared an imminent attack, the u.s. has evacuated embassy staff out of yemen, a flying them on board a military plane. calling it a coup, senator john mccain becomes the first u.s. representative to call the ousting of mohammed morsi in egypt a coup. in iran, the new president says he is determined to resolve the impasse with the west over iran's nuclear program. he has signaled that he is ready to sit down for negotiations. orion officials have flown to spain to discuss the future of the convicted child rapist and spain. he was refused bail. he was pardoned in morocco to public outrage. stay tuned for more. >> welcome back. we are discussing the world terror threat. our guest is president of the observatory of the black gulf and mediterranean seas. a fellow and researcher, a specialist on afghanistan, pakistan, and al qaeda. joining us is a fellow on the middle east. thank you for staying with us. from hartford, connecticut, we have scott bates, president of the center for national policy. and by satellite from london, he was just speaking at the first debate, he is with th
Aug 5, 2013 5:00pm PDT
>> a quick news update for you here. the u.s. is keeping embassies across the middle east and africa shut until at least saturday after the end of the muslim eid festival. officials say a message was intercepted from al qaeda. he was found guilty of plotting to overthrow the government in a landmark trial. a convicted pedophile who was pardoned by the king was rearrested by spanish police. hsparking protest. radioactive water is leaking out of the fukushima powerplant into the pacific. the situation is called an emergency. it is the world's first-ever stem cell burger. grown entirely in the lab from cattle stem cells some are hailing it as the future of sustainable food. that is your up-to-date with the main international news stories. plenty more to come. >> welcome back. we are discussing the trial in turkey and the possible next steps. the trial that ended with the former head of the military jailed for life over a coup plot to over three -- overthrow the turkish prime minister. the court convicted and sentenced more than 40 including military officers, journalist, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2